Saturday, 22 April 2017

Resin and UTEE

I am on the PaperArtsy blog tonight with a quick and easy project using both resin and UTEE. 

My resin was super cheap, from the £1 shop in fact. 

I am really pleased with how it turned out, do pop over and see how it came together. 


Monday, 30 January 2017

Pretty pink and orange bookmarks

Pop over to the PaperArtsy blog and find out how I made these ribbon bookmarks.. 

Zingy colours, flowers and books, what more could you want?


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Winter Wishes to You All

Hi there and welcome to the PaperArtsy/StencilGirl Blog hop. It has been such fun working with all the designers from both companies to bring you this bit of festive fun. 

As you hop along with us don't forget to leave comments to be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize. 

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You have until Friday, December 30th at 11:59PM Central Time to leave your comments.
Winner will be announced onStencilGirl's Facebook page and PaperArtsy's blog on Sunday, January 1.

So here is my project

I began by gathering my supplies, first I chose canvasses as my substrates. One large canvas board, a smaller canvas board, 2 tiny frame canvasses and 2 small tags. 

I also pulled out some Christmas stamps from my sets EDY04, EDY15 and EDY16.

and here are my selection of StencilGirl stencils. 


I began by sponging and scraping PaperArtsy Fresco paints over my large canvas board. I used Midnight, Southern Skies, Purple Rain, Blueberry, Turquoise, Lilac and Hint of Mint. It seems a lot of colours but they all blend and coordinate beautifully and only a tiny amount of each is needed. 

I then used my snowflake stamps from EDY04 and Silver Stratosphere WOW powder to create twinkly embossing all around the edges. 

I placed the face stencil on the medium canvas board, making a few pencil marks I could then remove the stencil and block out the rough shape with Blush and Rose. Once these were dry I replaced the stencil and added shading with more Rose, a little Irish Cream and some Chocolate Pudding . 

Next I worked on the background, leaving a gap for the hair. I sponged on some Purple Rain and Mermaid. 

For the hair I again marked out in pencil where it needed to be, then I added Chocolate Pudding and Toffee. 

 Once these were dry I replaced the stencil and then added Caramel, Copper and Haystack.

I kept layering the hair through the stencil till I was happy, then finished it with a few lines with a black pen. Next I added the smallest of the tall birds, he is stencilled first in Chocolate Pudding, then Caramel. A little Chalk and black pen complete the brown areas. His little red chest is done with London Bus, Mahogany and Copper. 

Now for a little texture. I added white out areas on top of the girl and the bird using chalk. 

Then painted the main parts of the hats with London Bus and Copper, with a little Mahogany to shade. 

I added some Expandit, this is wonderful stuff. You dab it on, heat it up and it expands and fluffs up. It makes great texture. Once this had expanded I went over it with a little Chalk paint. 

To finish this layer I added more embossed snowflakes around the edges and also stamped my bows and baubles from EDY04, the bows are painted with London Bus and Copper. 

This is how this layer looks now. 

Next the mini canvasses, first painted with Purple Rain and Mermaid. Then stencilled with the spheres stencil and using Bora Bora mixed with Mermaid.  To keep consistency I also edged them with the same WOW embossing powder from earlier. 

Along the bottom edge of each I stamped my trees from EDY16, these were coloured with South Pacific, Caramel and Chalk. 

Now for final embellishments. I painted some smoothy card with Hey Pesto and stamped my holly leaves from EDY04, they were then embossed with WOW Evergreen. 

The 2 small tags were painted with Midnight, then Crackle Glaze and finally Chalk. over this I stencilled some words from mixed media mail using London Bus and Copper. The 'Santa' word is handwritten. 

Finally a piece of card painted with Hint of Mint and mounted onto black card was stamped with one of the phrases from EDY15

All that was left to do was glue it all together. I use Golden matte gel as it is very strong, especially for glueing canvasses together. 

Here are all the guest designers that are taking part, visit each one and leave a comment. 

Blog Hop Order:

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Tomorrow, visit these blogs and leave a comment, the links won't work until tomorrow at 7pm (London time)
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Visit these four blogs on Friday. 

Finally visit these four blogs on Saturday. 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. 
Darcy x

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Quick Cards

Evening all, sorry I have been missing. I shall catch up with you all soon and tell you what I have been up to. 

For tonight though please do pop over to the PaperArtsy blog and see how I created these quick cards. 

The backgrounds on these cards are done just with promarkers, also if you go and see the post you will see how I made my own  Baker's twine.. 

Darcy x

Saturday, 29 October 2016

More Inktober

'I haven't managed to keep up with these every day, but here are a few more. These ones use Pitt pens in various shades of grey, one uses coloured ink and 3 are just done with ball point pens (Bic) 

I received a message on twitter from the online magazine CNN Style, I believe they are a part of the TV channel CNN. ( Cable News Network)   They wanted to run an article about the origin of Inktober and the reasons why people around the world join in each year. Initially they wanted to ring me to conduct an interview, but as I was at uni I asked them to email the questions and I would reply asap with photos. 

A week later and one of my Intober sketches ended up in their article, how cool is that!
You can see it  HERE follow that link and scroll to the last image in the slideshow. 




Darcy x

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Studio project 1

As promised here are the final photos from my first studio project. 

So as you already saw I was working on tea bags, the project took about 130 tea bags in total. 

On single bags I painted leaves, just using black and white gesso. 

These were then stitched together by machine to make a giant tea bag, to give it dimension I then filled it with dried leaves from the tree outside my house. 

I also made a papier mache spoon, covered it with Grunge paste and painted it, this had a single tea bag leaf added. 

More tea bags were glued into groups of 4. 

These had tea related images painted on in a silhouette style. 

Some were left plain black while others had white highlights added, all the silhouettes had little labels attached. 

When it came time to display the work I added stripes to lining paper and pinned these strips to the wall. 

Then it was time to gather all my silhouettes. 

These were glued to the wallpaper using Golden gel. 

Finally the giant tea bag and spoon were displayed. 

This is a video of a live Periscope that I filmed when the project was half way installed. 

A tea party for one.. makes me want to bake cake just looking at it. 

Darcy x